What Is Liquid Floor Screed?

If you are unfamiliar with the process, you may not understand what liquid floor screed is, or what makes it stand out from other seemingly similar ready-mix concrete products. Although both products are made up of the same primary components, concrete and liquid screed are both very different in texture and find themselves perfect for varying uses.

Liquid screed uses much smaller and fewer aggregates within its mixture than concrete does, resulting in a material which offers a much smoother consistency and easier flowability. This screed is much closer to a liquid than a solid, whereas, on the other hand, the coarse aggregates found in ready-mix concrete offer stability which explains why they are more suitable for structural building jobs.

What Are The Benefits Of Liquid Floor Screed?

You may be wondering what makes liquid floor screed such a fantastic product, or why you should choose to use it? Thanks to its fluid formation, liquid floor screed is very flexible. Used only internally, its primary role is to create a perfectly smooth finish making it ideal for producing high-quality, long-lasting flooring.

One popular use of liquid screed is to create a protective layer over your existing concrete floor. Alternatively, liquid screed could also be used to maximise the effects of an underfloor heating system. Its liquid form means that it lays flush against pipework in a way that regular screed wouldn’t, eliminating any potential air bubbles and therefore increasing conductivity – which, in turn, will increase the quality of the heating system.

The liquid screed offers swift drying times (usually able to be walked on between 24 and 48 hours after it’s poured) and the application doesn’t take long at all, making this a perfect solution for many projects.

Why Choose Flow Screeding For Your Liquid Floor Screed?

Here at Flow Screeding Services, we have been providing customers across the South East with high-quality screed floors for many years. We are a reputable, family-run company, who pride ourselves on providing clients with our high quality, professional floor screeding service.

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