Laying & Installing Floor Screed

Screed installation

Setting levels with
laser and tripods
When it comes to laying floor screed, we strive to provide all of our customers with the highest quality, most professional service.

We are able to conduct a pre-installation site visit, in order to confirm that the floor preparation process is adequate. We will also be able to give any advice necessary to ensure the screeding process will be completed to the highest standard.

On the day that we will be laying floor screed for you, we will arrive on site and make the appropriate checks to the membrane. If there are any alterations needed, such as extra taping or sealing, these will be carried out.

The next step of the screed installation process is then setting out our tripods to the clients agreed finishing screed level using our laser.

The area and depth of the screed will then be measured and the required amount of screed needed in order to carry out the work will be obtained; if any extra depth material is required then the client will be informed before the order is placed, so there won’t be any surprises at the end.

When the screed arrives it will be flow-tested to ensure that it has been supplied within British standard conformity.

The screed will then be pumped into place with a specialist pump. Once the correct level has been achieved then the material is dappled to remove any trapped air. It will then be dappled again at 90 degrees to produce the smooth surface finish which was required.

Once the installation of the floor screed is complete we will supply the client with a ‘post screed installation’ guide, including advice on the aftercare of the screed, commissioning under floor heating systems and advice on primers and floor finishes.

We will require a water supply and wash down facilities for the pump when we are laying a floor screed.

When laying floor screed, we really do pride ourselves on providing the best possible service to our clients. Get in touch today on 07990 676 464 to find out how we can help.Screed flooring installation

Dappling the
floor screed
Floor Screed

The Screeded floor
after dappling

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